1.6 Tragedy and Malevolence

Make no mistake. As you rise, tragedy and malevolence will be waiting in your path, arising to object your Progress.

They are inherent in the Old world.

In a world full of inherent tragedy and suffering, that has been further corrupted by malevolence, there is no safety. There is no permanent security.

As you venture out of beyond The Boundary and across The Chasm that separates the Old from the New, the only security you will ever have is who you have become, and who we have become, in partnership with One and One Another.

There is no option available to build bigger walls and forge a garden of safety in the midst of the crumbling and failing Old.

Our only safety lies in elevating and transforming one another into the kinds of beings who can contend with and adapt to whatever arises from the depths of the dark waters of Chaos to confront us.

And we can rest assured that the Existential Threats lurking in those waters will certainly arise when it discovers that we have united ourselves with the eternal Force For Good that is helping all things escape the bondage of the Old and advance together towards The Goal.

The only solution to a world of suffering, tragedy, and malevolence, is to sharpen and transform ourselves so that we become the kinds of competent, strong beings properly identified with the Spirit that rises up and hovers over the waters of Chaos, so that it can speak the Truthful words that vanquish it and bring forth the New and the Good.

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