1.7 Individual Responsibility on the Quest

Each Individual Practitioner of the Way is a free, sovereign, and autonomous agent.

Each one, in partnership with the One, is the hero of their own story.

Each one is their own Royalty and Priesthood, and there is no one else to beg or to blame.

As such, they are individually and solely responsible for their own wellbeing, safety, and development.

In the decaying culture of the Old World, it is sadly customary to blame others, to complain, and generally to be a helpless victim of whatever authorities or circumstances one has subjugated themselves to.

However there is something within you, a Divine spark, a part of God, that stands universally and eternally beyond all circumstance and authority but One.

All authority on heaven and earth but One is your servant, not your master.

Only One is your master.

You are your own Authority, and there is no one to blame.

The first step in the Way is to liberate yourself from the bondage of the Old, and to reassert your inalienable and Divine Sovereignty and Authority as a child of the One.

When you do this, you recognize that you individually have responsibility for your own life, for the lives of those in the Community, and for the lives of All.

You know yourself. Your history. Your limitations. Your triggers. Your weaknesses. Your fears.

You are individually and solely responsible for consulting with whatever physicians or other trusted guides are necessary prior to beginning your Quest.

Do the Wise Right thing to prepare you spirit, mind, and body to rise, and do not allow yourself to be harmed.

At some point in your training, you will get hit too hard. You will suffer strains. You may even break bones. You may even die. In fact, since you are stepping not into a temporal and spatial Place of Practice, but into a moment by moment Way of Being, you will certainly physically die while training in the Way.

It is your individual responsibility to protect yourself. To stay alert. To pay attention. To act competently at all times. To rightly judge others. To know your limits as we push to transcend them.

By participating, each Practitioner accepts full responsibility for their own safety and wellbeing, uses all information at their own risk, and fully releases, indemnifies, and holds harmless all teachers and fellow practitioners from any liability associated with the help we are attempting to provide you.

Every individual is individually and solely responsible for their own wellbeing, for the wellbeing of their community, and for the wellbeing of All.

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