1.8 The Blind Guides of the Old World

If you consult guides from the Old World before beginning, be forewarned that the Old looks at the New yet Eternal as if it were foolishness.

The have grown so corrupted, so blind, and so lost, that they simply cannot see and do not know.

By adopting this Way, you will break with and transcend the prevailing spirit and understanding our times, which will put you at odds with the basic logic upon which modern society has been constructed.

The Way operates by working with the fundamental fabric of the universe, which is (something like) Energy, and its Source, to confront and overcome Chaos and obstacles and make Way for the New and the Good.

This leads to an entirely different hypothesis of Wise Right action than what is arrived at by the (il)logic of those cold and listless souls still blindly following the decaying understanding of the Old World.

Those stuck in western medicine are unlikely to understand. Those stuck in traditional and rigid martial arts forms will not understand. Those stuck in traditional and rigid religious forms will not understand. Those stuck in traditional and rigid political forms will not understand. Those stuck in traditional and rigid cultural forms will not understand. Those possessed by ideology will not understand Your friends will not understand. Your family will not understand. The fundamentalists will reject you and burn you at the stake.

While there are jewels of great worth present in the Old forms, they are not the Way.

This means that you and you alone, the individual, sovereign, conscious agent, must weigh all the evidence and determine your own Aim and your own Way.

Do not be surprised if the Authorities of the Old World object as you liberate your Self from their clutches. Their matrix depends on you remaining asleep, bound, and subordinated in order to survive.

Yet while you have been sleeping it has been sucking every ounce of Life Force out of you and the earth.

Beware of the blind guides and guards standing at the gates of The Caves of the Old World.

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