1.1 The Energetic Field

The observable universe can be imagined as a field of creative Energy ordering and manifesting itself according to the Information contained in the Logos.

If we want to properly interact with Reality, we must interact not merely with the surficial visible forms, but the deeper fundamental energetic nature of things.

The cause of so much unnecessarily suffering and death is our interaction with the physical things we perceive, rather than the Associative and Dissociative Energy and Logos that is causing them to temporarily manifest.

This warrants a lifetime of study and Daily Practice.

In Asian cultures, this energy has been increasingly understood and worked with over thousands of years through practices currently known in English by such words as Acupuncture, Tui Na, Qigong, Feng Shui.

Scientists around the world such as Einstein with his famous E=MC2 and the emerging work in quantum physics are finally rediscovering the fundamentally energetic nature of the universe and how to work with it.

This rediscovery holds tremendous potential - for both creation and destruction.

You are not just a “human”. You are a Superorganism that is more like a co-operating system of trillions of living systems that allows “you” to manifest, Perceive, and be Perceived. The fundamental nature of the entire set of those apparently physical systems and organisms is Energy.

By working directly with energy, we are working with the underlying fundamental field on which our existence and experience manifests.

This can be foreign and unsettling to those who were taught something more elementary, and have not yet been guided deeply into understanding the true nature of Reality.

Unless we strive towards understanding the true nature of the universe and its Source, we will not understand what is possible in it.

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