A. The Ultimate Reality of One Generative Source of All that exists

As we embark on a journey to rediscover the Way, it is essential to acknowledge the Ultimate Reality of the One Generative Source, the foundational principle that unites all martial arts traditions and True spiritual paths. This principle recognizes the existence of a singular, generative Force that gives rise to the incredible diversity and interconnectedness of life, transcending form and name. The humble recognition the Ultimate Reality does not "belong to" any one tradition and cannot be boxed in or contained is essential to one's quest towards Wisdom and Truth.

  1. The Unifying Principle: The understanding of an Ultimate Reality, a singular Source of all existence, serves as the One unifying principle that connects the diverse array of All things. It fosters the recognition that beneath the surface of our diverse practices and beliefs, we share a common origin and purpose.

  2. Beyond Form and Name: The Ultimate Reality transcends the limitations of form and name, allowing us to appreciate the interconnectedness of all things and the underlying unity that exists within the seemingly separate aspects of existence. This understanding enables us to look beyond our apparent differences and discover the shared Wisdom and Values that can bring us together in a spirit of unity and celebration around the One that unites us.

  3. Cultivating Connection with the Source: By acknowledging the Ultimate Reality of One Generative Source, we can strive to cultivate a deeper connection with this foundational Reality in our own lives. Through the practice of martial arts, spirituality, and the cultivation of Virtues, we can align ourselves with the wisdom and principles that emanate from this Source, which in English we call God, allowing us to experience a greater sense of harmony, balance, and unity within ourselves and with the world around us.

  4. Embracing the Diversity of Expressions: As we recognize the existence of a singular and unifying Generative Force, we can also celebrate the diverse expressions of this One Force in a myriad or forms, arts, and paths. This appreciation for diversity encourages us to honor the unique qualities and insights of each tradition while remaining grounded in the understanding of our shared connection to Ultimate Reality.

  5. Working Towards a Unified Purpose and Goal: By acknowledging the Ultimate Reality of One Generative Source, we can come together with practitioners from diverse martial arts traditions and spiritual paths to work towards a unified purpose and Goal. United by our shared connection to this foundational principle, we can collaborate in the pursuit of Truth, Wisdom, and a more harmonious, balanced, and resilient world for All.

  6. Discerning What Actually Works, and What Has Become Corrupted or Watered Down: As we rediscover the Way and the Ultimate Reality of One Generative Source, it is important to develop discernment in identifying the true wisdom and practices that work, and distinguishing them from those that have become corrupted or watered down over time. By critically examining our own practices and the teachings we encounter, we can ensure that we are staying true to the authentic principles and values of the Way, while continuously refining our understanding and application of these timeless teachings. A corrupted and watered down religion or spiritual path cannot lead us towards heaven any more than a corrupted and watered down martial art can lead us towards victory.

In rediscovering the Way, we can recognize the Ultimate Reality of One Generative Source, the unifying foundational principle that unites the diversity of expression of All that is Beautiful, True, and Good. By embracing this understanding, we can transcend form and name, celebrate the diversity of expressions, and work together to create a more harmonious, balanced, and resilient world for all, while maintaining the integrity and authenticity of our practices, teachings, and our Current Best Understanding.