C. The secrets of the Way - why carefully guarded knowledge is now being released to humanity

Throughout history, the deepest knowledge of martial arts, healing, and spiritual transformation has been carefully guarded by select individuals and lineages. This secrecy has been maintained to protect the sacred wisdom from misuse, to ensure that it is passed down in its purest form, to maintain competitive advantages, and to respect the sanctity of the ancient traditions. However, as humanity faces unprecedented challenges and a critical window of crisis and opportunity, the need for the rapid proliferation and adoption of this sacred knowledge has never been greater.

More and more Masters are reaching consensus that the time has come to release this carefully guarded knowledge to the world. Their decisions are based on some of the following reasons:

  1. The urgency of global challenges: The world is facing an unprecedented convergence of crises, including environmental crises, social unrest, economic instability, and geopolitical tensions. The wisdom and practices of the martial arts have the potential to empower individuals and communities to face these challenges with strength, resilience, compassion, and wisdom.

  2. The potential for widespread transformation: By sharing our sacred knowledge, we can catalyze a wave of personal and collective transformation, fostering a global community of individuals dedicated to the pursuit of enlightenment, self-realization, and harmony with the natural world and its Generative Source.

  3. The democratization of knowledge: In the age of information and technology, the barriers to accessing knowledge have been lowered dramatically. By releasing our sacred wisdom, we can ensure that this knowledge is disseminated widely and responsibly, rather than being lost or distorted by misguided interpretations and deceitful teachers.

  4. The need for unity: As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, it is vital that we cultivate a spirit of unity, transcending the divisions that have historically separated us. By sharing the wisdom of the martial arts, we can illuminate the universal principles and values at the Center, and foster a global community of practitioners who respect and honor the unique heritage of each tradition while recognizing the underlying unity of the Way.

  5. The evolution of the human spirit: The release of this sacred knowledge offers an opportunity for humanity to evolve and grow spiritually, embracing a deeper understanding of our interconnectedness and our collective responsibility to protect and nurture all Creation in harmony with the Creator.

We have humbly and reluctantly taken upon ourselves the responsibility of sharing this sacred knowledge with the world. We trust that through the combined efforts of martial artists, healers, and spiritual Practitioners across the globe, the wisdom and practices of the Way can be a beacon of light, guiding humanity through this time of chaos, crisis, and conflict, and into a new era of understanding, peace, and unity.