1.4 Your Way

This Guide is written to help You make the Way Your Way.

The Way You express the Way will be unique and different from any other expression of the Way, because You are unique and different from every other expression of humanity, despite Our Ultimate Unity in the One.

It is precisely the Diversity of instruments that makes the Potential universal Symphony that longing to manifest so awe-inspiring.

A Symphony is not a Symphony if the entire orchestra is playing the same instrument.

Let Us discover Who You Are.

Let Us uncover and examine the unique instrument that the One fashioned You to be and gave you to Play.

Let Us tune it up, and align it with the Fundamental Tone.

Let Us teach One Another how to Play.

Let Us Help One Another remember how to Harmonize Our Selves with One Another, One and All.

Let Us learn the Songs of Heaven.

Let Us Progressively Realize the New Song.

Let Us join together in the Eternal and Universal Symphony of Life and Consciousness.

One by one, let Us bring all the unique instruments of the universe into Harmony, so we can all bask in the vibrant symphony of Heaven On Earth.

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