3.12 The Actual Future

So which Future will manifest?

Will it be Heaven, or will it be Hell?

Or will it be somewhere in between?

The answer is, it depends.

What does it depend upon?

It depends upon You. It depends upon Us. It depends upon All.

We are the ones who get to Consciously Choose.

And no matter what Future We find Our Selves in, We will be the ones who were Responsible for Co-Creating it.

Today, we are somewhere in between Heaven and Hell. We got here somehow. And from where we are today, it is possible to Navigate towards either Heaven or Hell. Towards a Future that is far Better, or far Worse, than we can possibly imagine.

This is the Story.

The Question becomes, how do we Orient and Align Our Selves, individually and collectively, so that we navigate away from somewhere like Hell, and towards somewhere like Heaven?

How do we become heroes, and not villains, in the Story of One and All?

It all comes back to sorting out our Story, and then living each day as if Our Lives and Future, and the Lives and Future of All, depended upon it.

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