13.38 Co-Creation with the Best Partner We Could Ever Hope For

In the face of insurmountable odds and a epic Quest with no way to possibly anticipate what delights and horrors may befall us, there are few things as important as Who will be beside along the Way.

The best partner we could every hope for extends the hand of friendship and partnership. If only we would reach back and accept the infinite gift that is offered to us.

If only we would cast our entire fortune and lot back in the with Source from which All things arise; our past, our present, our future, our relationships, our resources…

What do we have that we have not first received from the Source and Sustainer of Life?

If we empty our False Self out, and rediscover who we truly and uniquely are created to be…

If we cleanse our Selves of all that is not Wise, Right, True, and Good, and strive to see as the One sees, to think as the One thinks, and to embody the Will, Intention, and Spirit of the One...

In return we merge towards Higher Order Functional Unity empowered by the same Spirit that creates and sustains the universe.

We can stay with the timing of the One.

We can walk in the revelation of the One.

We can build what the One is building, so that we do not labor in vain.

We can reside in the fortress of the Almighty.

We can fly with the wings of the One.

We can do the impossible, empowered by the Spirit that makes All things possible, for those who believe.

What better partner could we possibly ask for, than the One who causes all things to work for good for those who walk in the Way?

What better partner could we hope for, than God?

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