13.37 Something For Everyone To Do

There are so many amazing people on the sidelines, who perceive the problem, want to help, will do whatever it takes to help, are willing to sacrifice to help, and yet do not have an Assignment.

As the great movement and the great process of integration expands, we must work together to make sure that there is something clear and actionable for everyone, without exception, to do. Something tangible for everyone to push on. An oar for every person to grab and row.

Something meaningful, that matters, immediately available to put your shoulder against, make a difference, and see the results.

So many people stand ready, desiring to join the effort and do their part in the transformation of our lives and our world, but they do not know where to begin.

This is the reason for the Meta Project. The project so universal and so large, it encompasses every human being and ecosystem on planet earth. And yet it is spurred forward by and composed of the smallest elements of individual initiative, such as the transformation of the thoughts and actions of individuals.

When enough small thoughts and actions are transformed, aggregated, and integrated at global scale, it inevitably becomes the most powerful force for good in human history.

What is more heroic than becoming a part of the most powerful embodied Force For Good the world has ever known?

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