4.7 A New State Of Being

This Forward, growing, elevating, transforming, progressing, co-creating, engaged, enthusiastic State of Being can become the state in which we exist most of the time, even in the midst of the Chaos and Catastrophe of Life.

This State of Being and Flow, moving in partnership with One and All towards The Goal, co-creating our Reality, is the most meaningful and rewarding State there is.

It is an Object of Pursuit in and of itself.

It is not just The Goal, but our Way of Being as we advance with All Creation towards it.

Is both Where We Are Going and Who We Are Becoming.

It is actually our State of Being that determines our Progress towards The Goal.

We cannot get to Where We Are Going, without becoming Who We Are Becoming.

And who we are becoming is engaged, enthusiastic Conscious Agents Co-Operating and Co-Creating our Reality in Higher Order Functional Unity with One and All.

If we All Help One Another achieve this State of Being, we will be a paradise that is getting better every day because we are All working together to make it so.

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