4.6 Confronting and Overcoming That Which We Fear

The Way to deal with That Which We Fear is approach it purposely, voluntarily, and courageously.

The Negative Emotion and response to That Which We Fear is suppressed and transformed in direct proportion to the degree to which the confrontation was based on Voluntary Consent.

When we Voluntarily and Courageously approach That Which We Fear, the entire physiological response transforms.

When we are involuntarily confronted by That Which We Fear, it often sets off an internal cascade of in which we are flooded with Negative Emotion, we become hyper-aware of our Internal Context, we rapidly withdraw inward from our External Context, and then we panic and primordially freeze, flee, or attack to protect ourselves.

Because That Which We Fear is present in Reality and may eventually manifest itself in our Way, it is absolutely the wrong thing to try to endlessly, naively, and vainly try to protect our Selves and our Loved Ones from it.

This over-sheltering of our Loved Ones is a Pattern of Failure that ends in death.

Instead, especially Now, we must expose our Selves to That Which We Fear so that when it inevitably manifests itself in our Way, we are able to stay Conscious, Aware, and Present, and not become possessed by any one of the primordial Idols Of The Pantheon.

This completely changes the mental and physiological response and lays open for us a massive array of Potential Futures that would be otherwise inaccessible.

Over time, this approach confronts and overcomes Fear not by making us less afraid, but by equipping us with deep Courage, which generalizes across the total panoply of That Which We Fear.

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