10.18 Over-Centralization And Monoliths

The idea of a highest order system immediately sparks fear of the well-documented and extremely valid dangers of over-centralization and monoliths.

The Meta System is not a centralized monolith. The Meta System simply is.

If we understand it properly, it must be as diverse, anti-fragile, and beautiful as Nature, and like Nature remain eternally beyond our full comprehension.

It is not the right answer to centralize and standardize everything.

It is also not the right answer to leave every community to suffer alone and reinvent the wheel every time they encounter a problem and need a solution.

Therefore it becomes simply a design issue. It becomes a matter of Wise Co-Creation.

The Meta System, like nature, must empower the brilliant and diverse expression of an ever-increasing array of life, while respecting both the tremendous benefits that come from sharing and collaboration, and the tremendous risks that come from over-centralization.

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