9.3 Towards What Shall We Steer And Why

Why are we here?

Where are we going?

Towards what shall we steer and why?

Around what Intention or Goal shall we gather and assemble ourselves?

Without being faithfully bound to the One that is the only eternal Why, we are like a rudderless ship adrift on the waves of Chaos, driven and tossed by the winds.

We are all feeling disoriented, nauseous, and seasick right now because there is no one at the helm, rightly and wisely charting the course, confronting the storms of Chaos, and progressing in the epic Quest towards The Goal.

We are adrift. Without direction. Without a goal. Without a rudder. Without a sail. We have split into factions pulling in different directions, robbing and exploiting one another, tearing boards from the Meta Vessel for our own short term uses, thereby threatening the Life of All.

Mutually Assured Destruction lies directly ahead.

How can it be any other way?

Wake up and grab the helm of your Life!

Wake up and grab the helm of your Family!

Wake up and grab the helm of your Community!

Your vessel is about to capsize!

You are headed straight for the rocks of Chaos!

With a Vision… without a Mission… without a Purpose… without a Destiny… without a direction… without a Goal… without a Plan

The people perish. We are perishing.

Towards what End shall we steer?

Towards the Meta Goal of the Meta Quest of course!

There is only One possible answer that solves the Logos of the Universe.

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