5.16 Becoming And Doing Are One

If you were the last person on earth, what would you still be doing?

If you had unlimited Abundance, what would you still be doing?

If all that mattered was for humanity to accomplish the Meta Goal, what would your most unique and potent superpower or contribution be?

What is the area of your greatest passion and qualification?

If this was your last week on earth, what would you do?

If we are not doing our work out of genuine Love in order to discover and Become, by helping all others do the same, it is slavery, prostitution, or waste.

The vast majority of humanity is either enslaved to a false hierarchy, or being forced to prostitute itself out to one.

What if… we helped liberate One Another from the tragic existence of prostitute-employee-consumer-slaves, in order to help one another discover and become the fullness who we are uniquely destined to be?

If someone is enslaved to “work” that is not helping them discover and become their True Self, is perpetuating the Old World, or is creating Waste rather than Value, they must be set free.

Our Doing should not be separate in any way from our Being and Becoming, for in each moment, we transform the product of the previous transformation, for better or for worse. Are Doing and Becoming are one, just as our True Self is one.

There is only one Meta Goal, and our entire lives, Human System and Living System must be coherently integrated to produce Throughput of this single overarching and uniting Goal into Reality.

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