11.12 The Ordo Amoris - The Order of Loves

It is said that a life well-lived consists of properly ordered Loves.

This has been called the Ordo Amoris. The Order of Loves.

We are beings in motion, moving towards an Order of Goals.

We progress towards the Meta Goal through Love.

Love is an infinite and omnidirectional force that must be properly ordered and directed in order for us to properly function and achieve Success, and avoid Failure, on our Quest.

So what should be at the top of the Order of Loves?

There is only One Answer that satisfies the universal logic.

If anything other than the Absolute most worthy thing of which we can conceive is at the top, we automatically destine ourselves to fail in relationship to the most worthy thing.

If we are choosing a Goal, it should be the Most Worthy Goal. The highest intention and greatest good we can possibly conceive. The Most Worthy Aim.

If we are looking for an object of highest Love, it should only be the most worthy thing. The highest and greatest Good.

We could direct our love towards the most worthy person we could find. The pinnacle of the billions of human beings that are currently manifesting.

Yet even if we could identify and relate to that one being, where did they come from? What was the Source of this beauty, wonder, competence, and consciousness, so perfectly manifest into human form?

Surely the One who creates and sustains her is more worthy than she. Surely the Creator is more worthy than its creature.

And what of the natural world that permeates and sustains her? The most sacred mountains, rivers, and lakes? She could not live a single moment without the breath and life of the Living System that envelops and sustains her. Yet what is the Source of the magnificent and awesome wonder of this world we find ourselves in?

Perhaps it is the stars. The wonders of countless trillions of stars, so far beyond our ability to even begin to comprehend, and in the midst of which the small sun around which we sail is but a tiny grain of sand on an endless beach. Yet what is the Source of the majesty of the heavens, or the consciousness that enables us to ponder them and call the stars by name?

Everything we perceive is a creature, brought forth by and for a Mystery that we cannot begin to comprehend. The Creative One. The Source and Sustainer of life, the universe, and all that is.

And the Source of the very consciousness that enables us to ponder and articulate these letters, which constitute words, which represent an idea, which represents a reality, which flow from an Ultimate Reality

That we cannot even begin to fathom.

This Ultimate Reality. This One. This Way. This Source. This Uncaused Cause. This Mystery. This Spirit that forges beauty, wonder, and life out of the chaos and darkness of the universe.

This is the most worthy One. What else could compare?

Towards what else could we point our highest awe, adoration, and Love?

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