11.11 The New Game Requires an Ancient and Eternal Foundation

The New must be refounded on the Ancient and Eternal One.

We could call it The Great Refounding.

The Great Refounding of our lives.

The Great Refounding of our society.

The Great Refounding of our world.

Only One foundation can support the New World throughout the millennia.

The New World is so true, so dense, so real that in its presence the Old is barely visible.

The New is so metaphysically dense that it would instantly crush any part of the Old you attempted to construct it on.

No man made nation, religion, concept or ideology can contain the One from Whom All Creation arises.

The Old flees before the New like darkness fleas before the light.

The only thing strong enough to eternally uphold Life, Light, and Love is their eternal Source.

There is only One suitable foundation for the New Game.

The Foundation and the Source are the One from whom All Life, Light, and Love arise.

Love is the most powerful force on earth.

We must learn how to wield it properly in service of One and All.

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