11.66 When Plans Are Attacked By Chaos

Every builder or explorer knows that every day, the best laid plans are likely to be attacked by Chaos.

The old truism is true: “If you want to hear the sound of Divine laughter, tell God your plans”.

Of course your plans will be attacked by chaos as soon as you venture out into the Unknown to implement them. Of course things will not go as planned.

However the antidote to the spirit of Chaos that always attacks the plans of the one who sets out on a Quest towards a Worthy Goal is not to go out as a naïve and unprepared wanderer without a plan.

You simply incorporate the reality of the spirit of Chaos that you know will attack your plans into your plans.

There is another old military saying “no good plan survives first contact with the enemy”.

Of course that is true. And woe to the commander who fails to prepare a plan and strategy for battle.

The antidote for an enemy that you know will willfully do everything in its power to destroy your plans is not to go out as a naïve and unprepared army without a plan.

Our plans must recognize that failure to wisely plan sentences us to failure and death.

And yet we must recognize the reality that our plans will always be attacked by chaos, and so we must become the kinds of heroic adventurers who know how to confront, overcome, and adapt in each moment to whatever might come our way.

We can plan for an emergent Reality that we can't predict.

The only place that life and right action actually ever exists is in the infinitely small present moment, and in eternity. Everything else is an illusion.

And yet wisdom compels us to reach out into the illusion to orient ourselves, by learning from the illusory past, and planning into the illusory future, as we progress one step at a time towards the Meta Goal that is guarded by the Dragon of Chaos and the Demons of Malevolence.

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