11.67 Billions of Parallel Paths

On our Meta Project to fundamentally transform our lives and our world within a single generation, there are billions of activities and parallel paths.

Do not worry. Over thousands of years of building, humanity has finally discovered how to properly order even such complexity into an integrated goal delivery machine that can deliver on the entire properly ordered nested hierarchy of goals.

As we set out on this Quest, we are faced with billions of possible solutions and parallel paths through the Creative Field.

To attempt to evaluate and discover the right final path or solution that will reconcile all the forces of a near-infinite system across all generations of life is not possible.

Not only that, if we attempt to create the wrong kind of master plan that repeats the failed centralized state and planning disasters of the past.

So how do we resolve this amazing paradox that failure to wisely plan, sequence, and align our energy and resources will lead to suffering and death, and attempting to centrally over plan and over control will also lead to failure, suffering and death?

There is a Way.

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