3.1 The Meta Quest

Ok. Now that we have made our subconscious stories conscious, our next step is to see if we can align our individual stories within a Meta Story that will allow us to Perceive a similar subset of Reality.

If we cannot agree on the Meta Goal of the Meta Quest, we will not be able to orient and move together, for we will not be perceiving the same subset of the universe, or heading in the same direction within it.

What is a Quest?

A quest is a Journey toward a specific Mission or a Goal. In folklore, this word is often used to describe a difficult or epic Journey towards a great prize, which is often infused with sacred, symbolic or allegorical meaning. Tales of Quests figure prominently in the folklore of every tribe, nation and tradition.

What is Meta?

The word Meta is used to describe something transcendent, beyond, self-referential, or of a higher order kind.

In our New language, we are using it describe something of the Highest Order kind.

The Meta Quest therefore is our highest overarching and uniting Journey towards our highest overarching and uniting Goal - the Meta Goal.

By definition, the Meta Goal is the only possible Goal of the Meta Quest. They are each the Highest Order One of their kind, and contain withthemselves and order All other Quests, and All other Goals.

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