3.23 The Logical End Of Love Is The Goal

The logical end of a universal upward spiral of Love and mutual assistance is the Goal.

What lies at the ultimate end of that pattern of All things Helping All things rise towards The Goal?

What is the upper limit of what might be possible if All truly helped One Another rise towards the fullness of Potential?

How high might we be able to Lift One Another?

We cannot possibly fathom it, however we know that the logical end is a fully developing, integrating, cohering, flourishing Whole, rightly relating to its Self and its Source at every fractal level, and therefore continuing to get A Little Better Every Day.

From the smallest microcosm, to the macrocosm itself.

We cannot even imagine or conceive of what the upper limit of that pattern might be.

So we can it Heaven.

Heaven is what lies at the end of the logic of Love.

It is the Best Possible place and State of Being.

It is The Goal.

If a global body of 8 billion human beings simply chose to be a conduit of the Spirt, Law, and Logic of Love in each moment, with each breath, and in each domain, then Love would permeate and define the Living System, and all things would spiral up towards their potential.

We are elevating and transforming towards an Ideal which is beyond our ability to conceptualize, guided by the Spirit of Love.

The logical, mathematical end of the process of infinitely and fractally applying Love to the product of each preceding transformation is The Goal.

Love taken to its highest and most permeating ultimate conclusion.

A totally integrating and developing Living System permeated by Love from highest level concept, to lowest level detail, is The Goal.

All things Rightly Related to One, One Another, and All, right here on earth.

This is the Meta Goal of the Meta Quest.

The Most Holy Grail.

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