Above The Chaos, We Have Work To Do

By Jordan Nicholas Sukut, 2022.10.09 (updated 2022.10.09)

A post in Above The Chaos.

Hello Friends and Allies,

We have Work to do.

Work involves the transfer of Energy via the application of Force along a vector of displacement.

Humanity has discovered that when Work needs to be done, it is wise to build a System or Machine to accomplish it.

What Work needs to be done?

  1. We need to accomplish the total set of global goals.
  2. We need to solve the total set of grand challenges.
  3. We need to design and build the best possible future for All.

In short, we need to accomplish the Meta Goal. (The total integrated wellbeing, development, and right relationship of All generations of Life and Consciousness.)

All implies that it affects All 8 billion of us, every living being, and All aspects of Life.

So what kind of a Machine or System could we design to accomplish this task?

What would be its principle functions or capabilities?

Our System would need to have the capacity to:

  1. Elevate every living being towards the fullness of their unique potential. This would involve a lifelong process of spiritual, intellectual, and physical development.
  2. Create the total set of conditions in which such development could occur.
  3. Harmonize All elements of the System into a functional and coherent Whole.
  4. Align Individual work / development / goals... with team Organizational work / development / goals... with Community work / development / goals.
  5. Heal and regenerate all damage to the Living System.
  6. Co-create all the resources, knowledge, technology, and solutions required to accomplish the Total Nested Hierarchy of Goals implied by the Meta Goal.

We can imagine all the sub-systems of learning, development, governance, stewardship, community, culture, capital, purpose, training, infrastructure, services, and support that would be required.

And all these would need to be cohered into a tangible and accessible and accessible System / Machine that works, and could be co-operated by humanity in service of All.

One might object that we do not need to coordinate our activities, and that the invisible hand of self-interest in free markets will solve all issues.

That is a good idea that has thus far proved not to be true in the amount of time we have been able to evaluate it.

It is true that the New World will require New Marketplaces.

However we know from history that in order for Marketplaces to function properly you have to establish the Total Nested Hierarchy of Conditions, "rules", and Values within which autonomous agents can act.

Establishing an economy in the modern world often requires something approximating the establishment of a Nation.

For it is the security, the rule of law, the known expectations, the culture, the context, the infrastructure, the rules and aids and structure of the "game" a Nation provides that allows the "game" of the marketplace to be played persistently over time.

So even if the total set of Activity implied by the Total Nested Hierarchy of Goals in the Work is going to be accomplished by "others" in "marketplaces"...

We still have the duty to establish the Total Nested Hierarchy of Conditions in which that coordinated activity can manifest, and to participate in it with the fullness of our being.