Above The Chaos, Basic Income and Security

By Jordan Nicholas Sukut, 2022.10.09 (updated 2022.10.09)

A post in Above The Chaos.

Hello Friends and Allies,

My Current Best Understanding is that human, organizational, and community development follows a basic hierarchy of needs and opportunities.

Maslov's hierarchy of needs, Spiral Dynamics, Piaget's work, community and national development learnings, and other basic paradigms illuminate the reality that our development towards higher levels of culture, aesthetics, environmental stewardship, and transcendence occurs in stages that are facilitated by first meeting our basic physiological, security, and relational needs.

The aggregate of recent learning and experience reinforces that there is a basic milestone that includes (something like) a safe, peaceful community in which a person is earning above a minimum basic level of income, which studies have shown is shockingly low (say $5,000 / year GDP as a global average), after which people "open up" and begin to have the capacity for greater cultural and environmental stewardship and goals.

Recall that a recent world bank report stated that over 3 billion people presently live on less than $6.85 / day ($2,500 / year) (2017 Purchasing Price Parity), a marker that represents the average of the poverty lines of upper-middle-income countries.

Our goal should not be merely to lift people out of desperate and abject poverty.

It should be to lift one another up to where we have enough safety, security, and opportunity that we can truly start to care about one another, our environment, and future generations.

Therefore we are proposing that we immediately set a Milestone at twice the $6.85 marker, or $13.70 (2017 PPP), which equates to $5,000 / year, in a community whose basic peace and security have been secured.

Securing peace and $5,000 / year in universal basic income is something that can only be achieved through the united will, vision and intention of the global community.

Ensuring that 5.5 billion people (~70% of population) have a minimum of $5,000 in income requires that $27.5 Trillion flows to them each year. This is only about 1/3 of current global GDP.

Think about that - in order to lift every human being on earth out of abject poverty and suffering, and up to a level in which they had the security, relationships, and capacity to prioritize the multi-generational stewardship of our culture and environment, would merely require a global economic system that was just enough to ensure that the bottom 2/3 of humanity had access to 1/3 of present GDP - in the current state!

This does not even begin to take into the account the massive explosion of value creation that would occur if all humanity had equal access to the emergent Lionsberg | Energy Net, Lionsberg | Water Net, and Lionsberg | Info Net.

If we can work together to secure this milestone, we will emerge from the greatest joint effort in human history with, for the first time in history, the basic peace, relative prosperity, and goodwill among all nations and peoples required for us to move together beyond that milestone towards our best and highest potential.

From that plateau we will be able to view our higher order personal, community, and global development goals in an entirely new light.

Against this higher shared Vision and Intention, the harsh reality is that an Analysis of existing forces and conditions reveals that over 2/3 of us around the world currently fall below this line.

We have work to do.