Above The Chaos, The Lionsberg Energy Net, Water Net, Info Net, and Security Net

By Jordan Nicholas Sukut, 2022.10.09 (updated 2022.10.09)

A post in Above The Chaos.

Hello Friends and Allies,

I wrote previously in Above The Chaos, Basic Income and Security about the need to set a near-term milestone to lift up the ~70% of the world that doesn't presently have it to a universal basic level of income of at least $5,000 / year, in a safe and secure local community.

This post briefly outlines a Vision for designing and building a series of distributed networks addressing the Energy, Water, Information, and Security needs present in every community of life, and necessary for subsequent development steps.

Development Pathways Towards the Goal

Energy, Information, Water, and Security represent primary development pathways towards The Goal for any community.

Interconnected energy, water, and information grids, that equalize access to energy, water, and information...

...is a primary milestone on the path towards a fair, just, and flourishing world in which all beings have the opportunity to develop towards the fullness of their potential and flourish in harmony.

This is actually relatively straightforward to accomplish based on existing resources and technologies, and has been validated as both possible and desirable by nation state level governments.

Each of the following Systems are subcomponents of the Lionsberg System, which aims to localize and instantiate a continuously learning Prototype capable of meeting the needs and solving the problems inherent in every community of life, and lifting All up towards The Goal.

To reiterate, they will not work unless deployed in harmony with all other elements of the Lionsberg System in accordance with the full logic of the The Lionsberg Handbook.


Historic Development Curve

Historically, regions have passed through a Development Curve of energy sources that is something like:

  1. Human power
  2. Animal power
  3. Biomass power
  4. Coal power
  5. Crude power
  6. Natural gas power
  7. Nuclear power
  8. Solar / Wind / Water / Gravity power
  9. Stable and Regenerative Energy System (very few in the world)

In general, regions have had to progress through this entire developmental curve, for the simple reason that each level has been more expensive and technologically demanding than the levels before it.

Present Opportunity

For the first time in history, we have the possibility of exponentially decreasing the cost of the most advanced and regenerative technologies, which making them universally available within a single generation.

This will allow all regions of the earth to skip over the destructive and exploitative progression that the countries have had to pass through in the past, without depriving them of the opportunity and literal empowerment to develop towards the fullness of their potential.

Hypothesis: This can be accomplished through massive investment in R&D and Manufacturing of advanced regenerative technologies, coupled with the rapid deployment of small, modular, factory-manufactured nuclear reactors to establish a global baseline and accelerate the transition away from oil, gas, and biomass.

The Wise Right mix of powerful and proven existing technologies, plus fully regenerative future-technologies, needs to be wisely modulated over time as we transition FROM where we are, TOWARDS 100% regenerative and eternally sustainable power sourcing.

This can and must be accomplished without unnecessarily depriving humanity, and especially the poor, of heat, power, and opportunity by shifting too rapidly, and without depriving us of a future on planet earth by shifting too slowly.

The Lionsberg | Energy Net

Just as we have designed and built a nearly universally available way to create and exchange information via a distributed network of information creating and exchanging nodes (the internet / info net)...

... so too can can design and build a nearly universally available way to create and exchange energy via a distributed network of energy creating and distributing nodes (the Energy Net).

The interconnection of energy systems is critical to allow the energy to travel and flow towards where it is needed. Since half of the world is always sleeping, tremendous gains in efficiency and antifragility can be realized by connecting up a distributed network of energy nodes around the world that efficiently exchange energy, just like we have connected up a distributed network of information nodes around the world in the form of the internet.


The Lionsberg | Water Net

Just as we can and must design and build universally available energy and information networks, so too must we design and build a universally available Water Net that works for All.

Recent studies have shown that we have so polluted our environment that all rainwater on earth is unsafe to drink. This is before it interacts with the terribly polluted land and waterways.

Information Network

The Lionsberg | Info Net

Just as we can and must design and build universally available energy and water networks, so too must we design and build a universally available Info Net that works for All.

While we are bringing the internet online for billions, the information contained therein is, like our water, toxic, polluted, and dangerous.

Security Network

The Lionsberg | Security Net

Just as we can and must design and build universally available energy, water, and information networks, so too must we design and build a universally available Security Net that works for All.

The harsh reality is that there are many areas of the world desperately dominated and exploited by corrupt governments, gangs, and other abusive centers of power.

It is not possible to deploy development systems in communities that lack the basic safety and security for the community to co-operate.

As Haiti prepares to request and international peace-keeping force to restore its security, we should turn our eyes abroad to the numerous places throughout the world where people are dominated, oppressed, and living in daily fear and the dysfunction it brings.

It may be that the United Nations will be able to handle this role in many parts of the earth, however there are many other parts of the earth in which the powers who hold veto rights on the Security Council are direct or indirect causes of the conflict. There will also be many of the 4.5 million local communities where the two or three peacekeepers that could be transformational in terms of transparency and accountability would not rise to the level of UN attention.

A light peace keeping network can be readily developed out of the existing networks of ethical private security individuals and organizations, which could be requested by local communities to bring international transparency, visibility, and accountability to local communities. These objective international representatives could be deployed 2 or 3 at a time to local communities to monitor, report out, and help with dispute resolution and violence prevention where local authorities are unable or unwilling to, and where the degree of problems have not risen to the level of formal UN intervention.


We will not be able to accomplish The Goal without fair, transparent, and just networks of energy, information, water, and security that afford equal quality, access and opportunity to All.

Since none of us, and especially the poorest and developing communities and regions, are capable of accomplishing this on their own, we need to work together towards this critical element of our shared Vision.

Until we find a "them" out there who is on track to accomplish this in this generation, it is up to "us" - All of us.

And we have the resources and skill available right in our network to execute.