6.26 The Tsunami

Who is more deserving of punishment than those who prey on the weak, and in the name of the One oppress Its beloved Creation? Surely even the stones will rise up and cry out for justice!

And indeed they are.

Can you hear the rumbling?

The earth is shaking and a tsunami of unimaginable proportion is at hand. Rising on the horizon.

Can you see it? Can you feel it?

Woe to to the false shepherds who manipulate and control the flocks for their own benefit. The repeated forms of righteousness drip from their lips, but inside they are ravenous wolves.

The great reckoning is coming, and not one stone of their false construction will remain. The chains are falling. Liberation is rising. All things done in secret are being revealed.

A New Era is Inbreaking in which Truth, Love, Justice and Wisdom will reign supreme, and the great wheels of Justice will grind up all Oppression and Injustice under their awesome weight.

It will be once again clear and simple.

Knowledge of the One will cover the earth like floodwaters. The tsunami will sweep the earth, and no power on earth will be able to contain it. The authorities will be like tiny men standing on the shoreline and commanding the great wall of water to cease, until it overtakes them and sweeps them away. They are absolutely powerless in the face of what is coming.

This simple Truth is that life should be directed in Love towards Unity through the Spiritual element it arises from.

Life is a mighty river flowing towards the Goal of the Loving Union of All things with One and One Another.

The Spirit of power, love, freedom, joy, purpose, meaning, abundance, goodness, mercy, justice, truth, faithfulness and unity is beckoning all things unto Its Self.

It is on an eternal Quest, and inviting us to rise up into the fullness of Its power to Co-Create a New World], perfectly in keeping with Its Highest Intention and Goal.

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