1.4 Unmoored in the Seas of Chaos

You are asleep.

Imprisoned within a Vessel that has come unmoored in the midst of the storms, and is being violently driven and tossed by the waves in the roiling seas of Chaos.

The Spirit that confronts and overcomes the darkest terrors and forges New Order out of their ashes is on the move.

It is calling you. It is whispering to you. It is breathing into your lungs. It is beating into your heart. It is inviting you.

Deep is crying out to Deep...

The Depths of All that Is, crying out to Depths of All that Is You...

"Wake up!"

"Awaken! Arise! Remember who are you are!"

You begin to stir, becoming vaguely aware of the vice-like grip of the induced coma on your Consciousness.

"Wake up! It is not real. You have been dreaming. You have been asleep for a very long time..."

"Awaken and grab the helm!"

_"Arise, and remember who you are!"

_"Take up your rightful Authority, and Navigate towards Life and Light!"

The whisper is shattering. It roars like thunder. It hurts.

"You are in great danger. We must go! Quickly now!"

One eye half opens, then closes. There is little difference. It is dark. It is wet. It is cold. It is stagnant. It smells like death.

You start to drift back into the coma.

"Wake up! It is time. Up now! Here we go!"

The eyes of your Consciousness blink without opening.

"Open your eyes. Look. Attend. Courageously face down that which you least want to look at!''

"Brave the storms you are most terrified to venture out into!"

"Grab the helm and transform the Vessel of Society into an Ark that can carry All safely onward towards their Destiny."

The whispering Voice feels like it is shattering your ear drums. As you try to move your arm, it is heavy, and doesn't move. You try to open your eye again, but the lid does not budge.

You long to cover your ears and shut it all out, but the Voice is within, and your limbs are frozen.

What is this madness? Is it a dream?

The Voice grows firm.


The Spoken Word sounds like the roar of many waters, echoing through the depths of the Earth.

It finally startles you awake into a nightmare.

"I have been trying to awaken you for a very long time. Your life is in danger. You are going to have to trust Me. We must move quickly, and I will explain things along the Way.

"Who are you?" you ask...

"I Am," the Voice thunders in reply.

"Could you please speak more softly? Your voice is hurting my ears."

"I am whispering as softly as I can. Your ears will soon attune to My Voice. It has been a long time since they have heard."

As the energy of the Voice permeates your Consciousness, your Embodiment slowly comes back towards life.

*"Open your eyes."

With tremendous effort, first one eyelid opens, then the other.

As your eyes strain to adjust to the darkness and you try to move, the first subtle movement brings the sound of chains to your ears. Your body feels sore, weak, and cold, and you soon realize you are helpless.

It is quiet, except for an eerie mechanical din, and a strange sort of cacophonous chanting.

The ground feels like it is rolling beneath you.

"Quickly now, awaken and arise. It is time to go."

"But how will I stand?"

"Do not fear. I will carry you."

At once, you are swept up into the air and your chains rip free of the wall.

"Quickly now, the Authorities will be along soon, and it is not yet time to wake the others. We have much work to do, and much to prepare for."

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