3.14 Love

What is the Highest Intention?

What answer could there be but Love?

It is the answer that has poured forth throughout the millennia to the eternal question.

This hypothesis has been so thoroughly vetted across all cultures over thousands of years, that it is accepted as a Generalized Principle of the Meta Science.

The permeating nature and Intention of the Spirit That Hovers Over the Waters of Chaos and Co-Creates That Which is Good is Love.

The Universal Law is Love.

Love One, and Love All.

Love One, and Love your neighbor as your Self.

Love, understood and expressed into embodied Reality, is the nature of the New World. It is the nature of the One.

It is the great Fundamental Tone that harmonizes the Symphony of Life.

It is the overarching and uniting design principle that coheres the masterpiece.

It is the fractally expressed guiding principle that permeates every element of the design, from the highest level conceptual Whole, to the lowest level detail.

Love is One.

One is Love.

One Love.

One Life.



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