3.15 Highest Level Concept to Lowest Level Detail

As artists, designers and builders, we know that the very best designs are totally consistent, from highest level concept, to lowest level detail.

This is the Way the Creative One creates.

From the highest level concept of a great edifice, through the structural members that allow it to rise, through the windows that allow the light to shine on the small plant placed on a small table in a small room… everything is perfectly consistent and harmonized to the Unifying Principle of the Designer's Intent.

From the highest levels of abstraction, to the smallest details of actualization, everything is One.

There is integrity. There is coherence. It is Whole; perfect and complete; lacking in nothing, and possessing nothing more than its perfect measure of All.

The guiding design principle of the New World, which we are reimagining and rebuilding in total harmony with the Universal Law and the perfect Nature and Intention of the One, is and can only be Love.

From highest level concept, to lowest level detail, Love must permeate, govern, and define every element of the New World.

It is the most powerful force in the universe. It is the One and only Logos that lifts up All things towards The Goal.

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