3.16 The Quality of the New World

A few may get a glimpse of the New World in advance. No one can see what is coming in all its Glory.

The quantum tectonic shift is at hand. Mountains are about to rise.  Great cities are about to fall.

A New World will emerge in the New millennium that will be unrecognizable from the Old World of the Old millennia.

The entire System is about to transform.

The System Wise phase shift is at hand.

Everything we do must be imbued with the Quality of the New World.

That Quality can be known and embodied through each individual as a Pattern Language.

The Patterns all reflect and are harmonized with the Quality.

The Quality is the Fundamental Tone.

The Quality of the New World causes all generations of life to elevate, transform, and rise towards their greatest potential.

The core harmonizing Quality is Love.

Because One is Love.

It is core harmonizing Quality of the New.

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