8.10 A Few Ancient Memories

Let’s take just a moment to pause a revisit a few selected ancient memories.

At the furthest point back in our remembered precession of events, we have the collective memory of a time of primordial darkness and nothingness, in which nothing existed but the Potential and Uncaused Cause of the universe.

We remember a story of creation, usually a form of Truthful speech, song, or sexuality that articulates the Perfect | Universal | Divine Logic | Principle | Logos, according to which the universe unfurls itself in logical succession.

We remember a time of paradise and purity, often associated with nakedness or unconsciousness.

We remember a time when paradise was lost, and there was fall. The fall is often associated with the idea of Consciousness and knowledge of Good and Evil, what is right and wrong, and what would cause joy or suffering to other beings such as ourselves.

We remember a time when there two brothers, one walking according to the right Way and aligning himself with the will and intention of One, and another brother who was failing and who grew resentful and embittered and turned himself against Being, slew his brother, and then was forced to flee and hide from One and Society.

We remember a time when humankind grew so evil, corrupted and harmful to one another and the earth, that the Source of their being regretted their existence, and resolved to wipe them from the face of the earth through a time of great flooding, fire, and / or darkness.

We remember that out of the chaos of this Flood / Fall emerged a noble family, or tribe, or remnant, who brought gifts from the Old that had been destroyed to help the New flourish. In some stories we remember that these people appeared unto us as if they were gods, coming to us over the waters bearing capabilities that were completely foreign to us.

We remember stories of strange beings with great powers, who revealed great secrets, imparted tremendous technologies to us, and had sexual relations with us.

We remember stories of when we became arrogant and conceited, and imagined that we could build a system or tower so comprehensive or tall it would reach up to the heavens and make us as the gods. We remember that this displeased the One, who shattered the experiment, confused our languages, and drove us away from one another throughout the earth.

We remember times where we were called to set out, away from the homelands of our forefathers and foremothers, in search of something New that the One was calling us to.

We remember times of flourishing abundance and prosperity in lands of promise.

And yet we remember that the success made us arrogant, and the sons of the original leaders seized power and lost their Way. They began to abuse their positions of power and act in ways that were antithetical to the Will and Intention of the One, so the New Order that had been forged from the Original Calling began to crumble.

We remember that when we departed from the Way and our Order began to crumble, we were overrun and defeated in battle; or we were sold or vanquished into slavery; or our land turned fallow and would no longer bear the fruit of abundance…

And there were Falls into deep pits of Chaos and Slavery that lasted for many generations.

We remember that after generations in exile or slavery, a properly guided one arose who remembered who they were, who remembered who we were, and who the One instructed to liberate Its people from the suffering and slavery they were in, remember who they were, and return to the ancient Way.

We remember that between the Old Tyrannical Land of Slavery and Oppression, and the New Flourishing Land of Abundance, there was a tremendous desert or wilderness in which we almost perished. We remember that we grew bitter, and resentful, and longed to return to the comfort of slavery where at least we had food. For this reason, we lacked the character and courage to enter the New, and so an entire generation had to wander and perish in the desert.

We remember that there were giants guarding the New, as numerous as the sand on the sea shore, and we were only a few. So it took Divine intervention and extraordinary courage from another leader who the One raised up to lead the people into the Land Of Promise.

We remembered that the New Land required New Laws, which the One revealed through the Prophetic Voice. We remember learning about sacrifice; about duty; about ritual; about tradition; about strict requirements to maintain favor with the One, One Another, and All.

We remember stories of internal conflict; of civil war; of the the great split when father turned against son, son against father, brother against brother, tribe against tribe, and the former union was shattered.

We remember the prophet saying that One hates those who sow division among its people.

We remember a Peacekeeper who arose and reminded us of the Universal Law, knit our tribes back together, and commanded us to bury our weapons under a tree of life that would serve as a reminder through the generations of our former strife, and our present union.

We remember that we were besieged by threats within, and threats without.

In the midst of the mounting chaos and threat to the New Order, we remember desiring stronger authority, leadership, and governance and delegating the power we held as individuals and tribes to a central figure we hoped would keep us safe and fight our battles.

Yet we remember that power corrupts, and that soon our sons and our daughters were taken from us to serve in the royal courts and fight the wars. Our grain and our money were taken from us to feed the armies and the governing class.

We remember that even our priests were co-opted into the corrupt system, so that our society creaked and groaned under the weight of oppression and injustice.

We remember that the One raised up prophets to warn us, but we murdered them for disturbing the peace.

And so we remember the Fall, once again, that always comes when our society grows corrupted and we ignore the eternal Prophetic Voice crying out in the wilderness.

Oh that we would heed the memories, and return to the ancient Way!

Look back to your history. Look back to your traditions. Look back to the stories that your grandmothers grandmothers thought were worth telling. They contain in them the seeds of Life and Wisdom.

These memories are here for a reason. They contain the Wisdom, the Knowledge, and the Warnings.

They have so distilled out the patterns of our being that they can predict the future. This time will not be different. The patterns always lead to their logical and inextricable conclusion. The actions always reap their just reward.

How does our current state of being compare to the patterns of the ancient memories? Are we on the path / pattern that leads us towards success / life / flourishing? Or are we on the path / pattern that leads us towards failure / death / suffering?

Are we walking in the Patterns of Life / Patterns of Success, or the Patterns of Failure / Patterns of Death?

It is evident to us as observers that the pattern we are collectively manifesting is the pattern of failure / suffering / death.

Yet even at this late hour, we can still remember, arise, and transform.

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