8.59 The Great Dichotomy

It was a confusing moment for many.

Should we be grateful for the structures, no matter how flawed, that were resulting in unprecedented Quality of Life and functional Society for some of us?

Or should we be appalled at the Suffering and Injustice and toxic waste that was choking out the Life of the [Living System] and those outside the proverbial gates of the great bastions of prosperity of the Old World?

It was a great dichotomy. The answer was yes. It was both. It was good. And it was evil.

Both the light and the darkness were present within us, and within the societies that were our collective manifestation. We had Co-Created all of this. We were still Co-Creating all of this.

All of us.

We enjoyed the unprecedented moments of luxury and safety, but we shuddered at the costs we were becoming more and more conscious of.

How dare we denigrate the great abundance and progress we had made. We had come so far.

And yet how dare we fail to forthrightly confront and transform the suffering and injustice that still plagued us.

It was time to once again renew the great struggle to progress upwards towards Light and Life.

Only this time, we could see better. This time, we knew. This time, we were accountable for Everything that Any of Us could see, discern, and know.

We were All accountable for Everything.

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