8.60 A Major Disclaimer To The Arc Of History

Before we advance, it warrants pausing for another major disclaimer on the arc of history presented above. We are not historians. We are attempting to provide enough shared context and orientation to the arc of history, so that we understand approximately Where We Are and How We Got Here, so we might have the possibility of charting a course together from Where We Are today, to where we want to go.

We will need to do many more investigations and write many more books to more accurately understand what actually happened in our past and how we got here.

What we do know for sure is that successive imperial powers not only accidentally and ignorantly paved over the legacy of our past, but intentionally lied, deceived, burned books, burnt people at the stake, and made an absolute mockery of Truth. These horrendously one-sided and fallacious accounts are still, to this day, taught around the world to unsuspecting children and adults, and likely have infiltrated and influenced this retelling of the Story.

There are a number of inconsistencies in history as it is taught to us. We can’t wait over the coming years to hear stories from around the world, to remember the ancient oral traditions that were covered over, and to see if we can find out together what really happened.

Adventurous minds may be delighted to know that the oversimplified map of Reality as it actually unfolded is full of holes, and the speculation passed off by the establishment as dogmatic truth at the very least warrants serious investigation.

There is so much more than we know and have been told. Remember, it is the humble act of not knowing that opens up the possibility that we might one day find out.

If we could only listen to the Story of our world as told from the standpoint of the oppressed and those who lost the battles and were trodden over.

If only we could resurrect the spirit of the books, the knowledge, the libraries, and the wisdom keepers that were burnt by those whose positions of power were threatened by Truth.

If only we could reconcile, redeem, and re-weave those threads of Truth to reconstruct the beautiful and diverse tapestry we are, and are intended to be.

Who were we before the bulldozers of empire paved over our history and culture?

Something of incalculable worth has been stolen from us. Who We Are has been robbed from us. What we knew has been robbed from us. The collective inheritance stored up for us over millennia for this unique moment in history has been stolen and weaponized against us.

Yet it is rightfully ours. All of ours. It belongs to us. It, along with the entire Earth, is our rightful inheritance.

It is time to remember Who We Are, decide Who We Are Becoming, and go gather up our rightful inheritance. It is time to reimagine, and realign our will and intention with the will and intention of Heaven.

Just as all the Messengers and Prophets of the One have always told us.

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