8.61 The Classic Game Of Empire And Oligarchy

As far back into history as we can see, we see a dynamic emerging in which tribes, cities, and nations have submitted to the rule of a very small minority.

In a variety of forms and circumstances of varying complexity, particles revolve around an atom, planets revolve around a sun, tribes revolve around their chief, and empires revolve around the emperor and the oligarchy.

From the beginning the greed, striving, and fears of those seeking position, power and wealth have been the great force opposing progress towards the universal goal.

And yet from the beginning, the obvious need for a Functional Hierarchy of Organization based on Competence has been evident if we are to not struggle and die in isolation. Some kind of organization is obviously required for flourishing in Community.

Early on, some rulers of Old would co-opt the spiritual draw that is in every human heart and dupe their subjects into believing that the the ruling clan was divine, and therefore must be obeyed and served. Others would seize power and rule by brute force.

Yet these games cannot last. A rule based on lies or force will soon end. The Truth is eventually revealed. The human Spirit eventually rises up and demands Liberation.

We have progressed in our consciousness to where very few of us can now be convinced that a ruler is divine, however new religious, political and economic ideologies have been set up to replace the antiquated ones.

If you pay attention you discern very strange ways that these religious, national, and economic ideologies have been woven together into unholy alliance.

The story told is always the same: “we” are the smart / qualified / kings / priests / intermediaries / politicians that you need to be saved from your suffering. If you will subordinate yourselves to (empire q, religion x, political party y, or ideology z) and support it with your votes, energy, and resources, then you will be saved from the suffering and evil ones trying who are threatening your lives and future.

How disappointing this repeated failed pattern of sowing and betraying false hope has been.

We are being perpetually manipulated by extremely powerful and skilled forces waging war for our very beings, our hearts, our minds, our resources, our energy, our [Attention. In every moment, of every day, the incessant stream of weaponized content vies for our souls.

The Machine. The Propaganda. The Satanic / Authoritarian Spirit.

In the midst of our labor and struggle for survival, we have been brainwashed from youth by educational, political, economic, and religious institutions who confidently proclaim their alignment with the Creative One and with Good. They tell us that if we question we are traitors, they ostracize us, and they threaten us with temporal and eternal punishment.

Yet, perhaps for the first time in history, we have developed the collective Vision to be able to see through the great deception. Or perhaps we have always seen it locally, and now we can just see that it is everywhere.

This Light will always dispel the Darkness.

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