8.62 Judging By The Fruit

In the winter season, when a tree is dormant and has no leaves or fruit, it can be difficult to tell what kind of tree it is. A deceiver might tell us he is selling us one type of tree, when it is really another.

Yet when spring arrives, when the sun begins to shine through, when the cold begins to give way to the warm rays and rains of spring, the universal laws of nature cause every tree to begin to produce leaves and fruit according to their kind. We can then know each and every tree by the kind of fruit it produces, and nothing can remain hidden.

Now that centuries have gone by, we can see fruit from nearly every tree that has been cultivated and sold to us.

Let us examine the trees Truthfully.

Are our systems and institutions bearing the fruit of Love?

Of Truth?

Of Oneness?

Of Justice?

Of Wisdom?

Of Kindness?

Of Reciprocity?

Are they faithfully modeling and bearing the fruit of the better world and better future we All desire for our children and grandchildren?

To what extent is the true Wisdom and Intention of the One actually and consistently expressed through the decisions and actions of the leaders of the political, economic, and religious institutions that have promised us life, abundance, and freedom from our suffering?

Nearly every human being is held in bondage to various forms of unquestionable and oppressive religious, political, and economic dogma.

Nearly every human is stuck inside of some little sub-pyramid of some larger pyramid, inside of some still larger pyramid. Subordination, overlapping subordination, overlapping subordination.

What an overwhelming and oppressive tyranny of manipulation seeking to hinder the power of such a simple and powerful seed of Truth and Potential longing to burst forth and manifest in and through us All!

What if we could turn that all on its head? What if we HAD to turn that all on its head?

What if every human power and force on earth was brought to bear in service to helping life expand, develop, and flourish towards the fullness of its Potential?

That doesn’t happen inside of pyramids. It happens in the freedom of ecosystems.

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