3.18 Powerful Love

Love is not weak. Love is the most powerful force in the Universe. It is the Divine essence of the One who creates and sustains All Life and Consciousness. Love is the only force that can reconcile, redeem, and heal the tribes, nations, peoples, and species of the earth.

Love is not idle. It does not stand by in non-involvement and tolerate oppression or exploitation.

Love moves mountains and raises valleys to come to the aid of the One we Love.

Love demands that we rush powerfully with the full force of our individual and collective being to come to the aid of those in need, those who are oppressed, those who are imprisoned, those who are exploited, those who are sick, those who suffer, those who mourn, those who are poor, those who are weak, those who are abused.

The heart and power of Love liberates the captives, heals the sick, elevates the oppressed, seeks and saves the lost, and lifts the universe upward, every higher towards its potential.

Love is the lever that lifts All things.

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