3.19 Fierce Love

True Love is not soft or esoteric at all.

It is strong, powerful, and demands that we arise, unite and act with all excellence and the fullness of our Being to transform and be transformed, to come to the aid of those who suffer, to rid our world of corruption and injustice, and to bring into existence tangibly and pragmatically, right here on earth, the flourishing and abundant world that One desires for All, and that we all desire for our children, our grandchildren, and all generations to come.

True Love does not remain a passive, or a vague wish.

It acts with ferocious power to move heaven and earth for the benefit of our Loved One. It acts with ferocious power to protect and preserve the emerging life. It acts with ferocious power, sacrifices, and does whatever is necessary to lift up, to relieve suffering, to heal, to comfort, to encourage, to help, to resource, to aid, to teach, to empower, to embrace, and to fight for the One We Love.

If we share in the infinite Love radiating from the Creative One and permeating All Its Creation, then we must act with ferocious power, all excellence, and the fullness of our Being for the benefit of the One We Love.

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