5.1 The Quest For Purpose and Meaning

What the x is going on around here?

What happened?

Why are we here?

Where are we?

Where are we going?

What are we doing all this for?


Yes. That is exactly right.

Those are the proper questions that lead to a properly oriented life.

It doesn't matter how roughly or frustrated they are articulated in the beginning.

The point is that they are being asked.

The answer is a mystery. And yet it exists. Here it is. It is right here at hand.

And when we discover it we will discover that it is more tangible and more real than any other thing we have ever Perceived.

Because it is the Ground, the Fount, and the Source of every other thing we have ever Perceived.

It is the Ground, the Fount, and the Source of our ability to even conceptualize and ask the questions.

It is the Ground, the Fount, and the Source of our Being itself.

Navigating towards It is perhaps the primary purpose of our existence.

Meaning is an experiential reality that occurs when our lives, for whatever brief or extended moment in time, come into harmony with the universal movement. It occurs when our unique instrument properly joins the great symphony of life, and we play the notes we were uniquely destined to play, in a way that brings the entire symphony one step closer to its Divine Intention and Goal. It occurs when we are Being and Doing Who and What we should, right on the edge of our capacity.

All generations of life and consciousness, integrally and properly harmonized and rightly related, is (something like) heaven.

It is (something like) a frequency… when we tune into it, the static clears, and we experience the clear, beautiful song that was there are along longing to express itself to us.

Every Quest must have Purpose and Meaning. Our lives and our very existence are no different.

We are Thrown into the epic adventure of life that we must make our way through, and along the way we encounter love, beauty, joy, and safety.

And we encounter chaos, suffering, and malevolence so frightening that makes us question Being itself.

Our childlike awe, wonder and security are at some point shattered.

The random tragedies and storms of life stalk us in the darkness.

The unexpected events that shatter the calm of the life we thought we were living.

Worse yet, we come face to face with those who actively wish tragedy and suffering upon us, and are willing to betray their souls to work relentlessly towards that aim.

Worse yet, we face deceit and betrayal and harm from those who said they loved us. From those that were supposed to protect us and nurture us.

There are valleys we must traverse that are as dark and cold as death.

Vast expanses of nature that are breathtakingly beautiful, and whose shadows are filled with predators who are awake and tracing our footsteps in silence while we sleep.

There are storms that wreck our vessel and leave us clinging to the underside of the debris for dear life as wave after wave pushes us under, our fingers threatening in each moment to slip off the only thing standing between our present fear and certain death.

Yet the storm breaks, and the light and beauty of the New Dawn of a new day pierces the darkness.

Beauty, love, and romance where once there was betrayal.

Joyous laughing where once there were bitter tears.

Safety and comfort within the structure of the revitalized ancient city, where once there was the corruption and decay.

Eternal life, where once there was death.

Ever upward, ever onward, step by step up the mountain towards the dwelling place of fully enlightening and rightly relating consciousness that has properly manifested itself into Reality, and is helping all others do the same.

Perfect. Fully enlightened. Fully realized. And yet somehow still transforming and becoming better every day, enterally nourished and lifted up by the river of life flowing directly from its Source.

What kind of person can make it through such an epic adventure?


You are exactly that kind of a person. You were made for this. It is not an accident that you are here, standing with us, Beyond the Boundary, at this critical juncture in human history.

We are here together for a reason.

There is far more within you that you could possibly know. There is great Purpose and Meaning in discovering, unleashing and becoming the fullness of the Potential that it inherent within us, longing to emerge through us.

Yet developing the heroic fortitude, moral character, skill, and Wisdom necessary to confront and overcome all that our epic Quest might throw at us is not easy.

It requires hard work, and voluntarily exposing our Selves to the suffering through which we are forged, refined, and strengthened, and through which New life arises from the suffering and death of the Old.

It requires taking up as much Responsibility as we can possibly bear in service of the greatest Good of which we can presently conceive.

It requires us not to run and hide from the existential threats and terrors stalking us, our family, and our community, but to turn around and stare into the black cloud of Chaos head on, cut it into pieces, and confront and overcome whatever lies within it.

Existential Threats are nearly always far more dangerous when we run from them.

Are you ready for that kind of a challenge? Are we ready for that kind of a challenge?

To find Meaning, develop Faith and Courage, and become the kind of person who can confront and overcome such an existence and fulfill our unique Purpose and Potential is the hallmark of a hero.

We are coming out of an age at the end of an Old era in which the latent heroic Potential was asleep. But just because the archetypical heroes of old have recently only lived in our collective memory, does not mean that their Potential is not latent within our very physical and metaphysical DNA, longing to reemerge.

At present the vast majority of humanity has been lulled to sleep within a great machine. Lacking Purpose and Meaning, and struggling for survival. Their Sovereignty and Power have been robbed, and they have been subordinated to the corrupted spirit of the Old (state / corporation / religion / political party) they resentfully depend on for their existence and whatever shreds of status, position or dignity they struggle to find meaning in.

The ancient heroic muscles, wings, and miraculous power lie dormant and atrophied.

Yet they are still there. Waiting to be rediscovered, redeveloped, and unleashed.

We were not created to merely eek out an existence in service to states, corporations, institutions, economies, and the arbitrary and oppressive powers that fail to see us… that fail to recognize Who We Are… and who we could become if we only had the opportunity.

This Life is our opportunity! That is why we are here. To awaken, to rise up, and to go out and rediscover and Become the fullness of the Potential lying dormant within us.

It is there. We promise you. Look deeper and remember. Look deeper and remember. Rediscover and remember who you are.

You do not need to wait for permission. We were granted permission the moment we were born. With the Consciousness that allowed us to think those thoughts. We would not be thinking them if they were not possible. We were destined for this. This is our time.

And yet we move carefully, for there is a great universal battle raging that cuts right through our very being.

The first battle we must win is the battle for our own soul.

All that power… all that potential… latent within us and longing to emerge... it belongs in the forces of good.

We were created to arise and engage in the epic and divine Quest of All Life towards its highest Purpose and Destiny, so that we All can truly flourish.

We do not want to be human beings who are specialized robots on their way to be being replaced by robots.

We do not want to be “human capital” in service of a corporate or state or religious oligarchy.

We do not want to be human inputs asleep within a great economic machine that is sucking the Life out of us and this beautiful planet that must permeate and sustain All generations of life.

We do not want to believe our blood, sweat, and tears are in vain.

And we do not want to struggle, suffer, and die in a vast and cruel universe devoid of Purpose or Meaning.

That cannot be the Way.

Surely all this suffering and joy and despair and hope and Love must be for something.

The eternal and universal calls out from deep to deep, beckoning us to awake from our slumber and arise.

To hear the screams from the co-inhabitants of the burning building we were asleep in, to awaken, to arise, and to progress our Selves out of danger and into Life, and to lead as many other beings thither as possible.

Purpose and Meaning begin with Responsibility.

Recognizing that it matters. That you matter. That we matter. And that All generations of Life are depending on us to wake up, rip our chains from the wall, bend the iron bars of our prison, take up the baton and run well towards The Goal.

As long as we leave the responsibility for awakening, understanding and discerning the Wise Right Thing to do to others, we are slumbering slaves. It is foolish to remain asleep and hope that “they” have it figured out and have our best interests in mind, while attempting to find meaning and consolation in a religious service or quiet moment every now and then.

Billions are being reduced to specialized and subordinated cogs within a machine designed by others, to bring about an end, the truth and purpose of which we know not, or are afraid to admit. Obeying orders, waging war, and exploiting the “others” that those “above us” tell us are the barbaric enemy or target customer.

The court of eternity does not accept the excuse, “I was only following orders.”

We are beginning to sense the light of the New Dawnand awaken. In the beginning it is quite foggy, glimpses of conscious thought mixed in with the closing chapters of the disturbing dream we were enslaved in. Yet slowly we begin to open our eyes, the unconscious fades into the background, and our conscious thought gets more and more clear.

As as soon as we think, we engage the metaphysical realm that is beyond what currently is, and we start to gain glimpses into higher and deeper Purpose, Meaning, and the brilliant New territory of What Ought To Be and Why.

We rediscover the Right Questions to ask, which will guide us towards the Wise answers longing to reveal themselves to us.

We rediscover the ancient pathways that will lead us on the Way towards The Goal.

The Way towards The Goal.

The Way towards the One.

That is the realm in which Purpose and Meaning dwell.

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