4.17 Moving Through Love

What has Love to do with Navigation?

What has Love to do with progress towards the Goal?

Love is the Goal! Can't we see that if All embodied the Spirit of Love, the New World is already here?

If Love is a Way to Move, how do we Move through Love?

If you Love a child, what do you do?

You Help it. You Cultivate it. You Strengthen it. You Solve Issues. You Meet Needs. You laugh with it. You cry with it. You rejoice. You Play. You Pray.

If necessary, you sacrifice even your own Life to save it.

If God, if One, is Love

And that Love radiates to and through All, equally and without exception…

And if One is the Goal

And if all we ever have is the present moment…

Then the Goal must be Realized in a very strange Way.

Yes, you could say that we move towards It

Yet you could also say that It's Spirit Inbreaks and displaces... that Heaven descends to Earth, such that the Absolute Goal becomes our present Reality, right here and now.


Through us, as Conscious Agents of the One Supreme Conscious Agent.

When we are fully present, in our Space and Time, as conduits of the Universal and Eternal Spirit of One Love, eliminating the Ego or False Self

Love flows through us like a mighty river, washing away the pain, suffering, and corruption of the Old, and making all things New.

It is what the Spirit of Love does. It rises up, vanquishes the Chaos afflicting the one it Loves, and co-creates a New Order that is Good.

We Love by meeting the needs and solving the problems inherent in the Life of the One We Love.

We Love by confronting and overcoming the Obstacles that stand between the Life and Consciousness that permeates and surrounds us, and its Best and Highest Destiny / Potential / Goal.

We Love by being present, orienting, and embodying what the Spirit of Love would do in each moment.

As we do that, and stay present to what Emerges or discloses itself through our Being and Doing, we are moving exactly and precisely on track towards the Goal.

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