13.2 The Quest of the Heroes

Deep in our hearts… encoded deep in our collective memory and our collective dream…

We are called up towards action and adventure by a Meta Story. It is the story of us. Individually, and collectively. It is the story of our origin. It is the story of God. It is the story of the great battles between Good and Evil, between the Hero and Anti-Hero within the cinematic universe in which the cosmic drama unfolding.

It the story of why we are here, what humans are like, and what the problem that is facing us is.

It is the story that calls us up to properly identify with, and to the greatest extent possible perfect ourselves and become an living embodiment of the Meta Spirit that generates Order out of Chaos and overcomes Darkness and Emptiness with Light and Life.

The Spirit that enlightens us, that wakes us up and makes us conscious, that orients us towards a future and an Aim that is More Perfect than our present. The Spirit that calls us upward towards our highest Potential, and whispers "there is more."

The Spirit that compels us to keep moving. To go out and encounter the Unknown and move beyond Where We Are and Who We Are.

The Spirit that reminds us that there is something greater than we could possibly imagine living within us. A limitless store of same Potential that animated the heroes of the past, present and alive right within us. Hidden deep. Encoded in our physical and Metaphysical DNA. Longing to express itself if we would only voluntarily stare down death, fear, and evil in order to require it to be unleashed.

The Spirit that calls us up to struggle valiantly and die nobly for the most worthy cause, and thereby become what we are capable of becoming, in service of All life as it rises towards its Destiny.

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