The Threat

In the context of the Lionsberg System and The Great Game of Lionsberg, The Threat refers to the interconnected array of crises and challenges facing humanity and the planet, collectively called the Meta Crisis. This array of crises includes but is not limited to:

  • Environmental change and degradation
  • Political polarization and social unrest
  • Economic inequality and instability
  • Technological disruption and ethical dilemmas
  • Pandemics and public health crises
  • Widespread poverty, hunger, and disease
  • Widespread addiction and substance abuse
  • Nuclear war and other forms of global conflict
  • Artificial Intelligence and robotics
  • The loss of uniting Vision, Principles, and Values
  • The Advance of The Giants

These challenges are interrelated and reinforcing, with the potential to trigger a catastrophic breakdown of civilization and life on earth as we know it. The Great Game of Lionsberg, the New Vision and Plan, and the Citizen Led Response aim to address these challenges and co-create a more just, regenerative, and flourishing future for all.

The Threat At Hand

We have fought wars before, but never one so complex and so universal in scale. This war is unique in that our enemies are not tribes or nations, but rather the spirit that is corrupting our institutions, decimating our systems, destroying our shared values, degrading our environment, exploiting our children, and tearing the fabric of our society and living system apart.

This is spiritual war in the truest sense of the word; it is a battle for the human spirit and our highest ideals that will determine the fate of generations to come.

It is a war that must be waged on every front and at every level simultaneously: individual and collective, local and global, public and private, left and right. For the spirit of corruption, injustice, and deceit has not only penetrated one nation, one religion, one political party, or one ideology. It has crept into every corner of our shared existence, threatening every family, every community, every society, and every ecosystem on earth; both from within, and from without.

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