Above The Chaos, Clarity On One Page

Hello all,

Some requested simple hierarchical clarity on what we are doing. Here is an attempt.

In One Sentence

We are organizing ourselves to confront and overcome the grand challenges, accomplish the global goals, and forge a flourishing and abundant future for all life on earth.


We are organizing ourselves to address the root causes of suffering and injustice by enlightening and empowering billions of individuals to co-create a world that works for all its inhabitants.

That is ridiculous. You can't do that. Choose a smaller Aim.

No. It is not ridiculous. It is an moral imperative. There is no "them" "out there" who has this covered. Together we have the Vision, Wisdom, Strategy, Plan, Platform, and Network to make this happen in partnership with (God) and one another. We have been brought together for a purpose. You are here for a purpose. Until we find the "them" that we can delegate the moral imperative to, it is up to us. All of us. There is only one Aim and Goal.

Who Not How

"How" each of ~10 billion "one things" on the critical path will get done is not the relevant question. The right question is WHO needs to be present, representing what areas, perspectives, and areas of wisdom or expertise. From there, wise teams will begin to sort out and align the specific plans and tactics in each strategic area of the New Vision and Plan. Sending a man to the moon required inventing new math and science. That's ok. We know the smart people that can invent whatever is needed to accomplish The Goal.

The Basic Vision

The basic New Vision is of a flourishing and abundant New World that has been entirely regenerated and renewed. The decentralized yet interoperable New System is delivering the essentials of flourishing and abundant life to every individual, family, and community around the world. Every community is filled with abundant meaningful work, meaningful relationships, and meaningful interactions with the flourishing natural environment. Every family has clean water, sanitation, abundant natural foods, abundant clean energy, access to humanity's full store of wisdom and knowledge, shelter, heat in the winters, cooling in the summer, a clean way to cook, cold storage for food and medicine, and the tools they need to do what they are passionate about to help their community flourish. Our water, soil, and air is being continuously cleaned and regenerated. Every citizen of earth has freedom and a voice in the issues that impact their lives and families. Each community has wise elders who understand The Vision, and are helping their community organize itself and its culture to advance towards The Goal, in a way that helps all communities advance towards The Goal. The best ideas, solutions, breakthroughs, and prototypes are rapidly and freely shared across the network of communities. Each community is self-governing and free to adopt, adapt, and localize the solutions and prototypes as they see fit in their own time, place, and best discernment. Humanity is liberated from top-down or centralized totalitarian control, and from oppressive rulers and governments. Power and all capitals on earth are transformed and subordinated to The Goal of helping all generations of life flourish n harmony. Eventually, we beat our swords into plowshares and our weapons into tools of life. Our militaries are transformed into logistical forces who deliver peace and relief to those who are suffering, in strife, or in need. Eventually, the lion lies down with the lamb, the eagle flies with the condor, and the child plays peacefully with the wild animals.

The Basic Strategy

Bottom Line Up Front

  • Me: I am a builder. I take plans and specifications, which represent a Designer's Intent, and bring them into reality.
  • Us: We are co-creators and collaborators. We have developed a New Vision and Plan that reflects the Creator's Intent as best we understand it. Now we are going to organize ourselves to embody it in reality.
  • Scope: This includes creating the conditions for humanity to transform the root causes of suffering and injustice, and progress towards something far beyond the global goals.
  • Goal: The total integrated development, flourishing, and right relationship of all generations of life in all times and all places.
  • How: The way we can enable that is by empowering individuals to enlighten and transform their lives and their world FROM The Old TO The New through a pattern language that when embodied, harmonizes human being and doing with the logos of the universe.


Something is wrong. From where we are today, things could get a LOT better... and a LOT worse.

What is wrong

Our patterns of human being and doing are dramatically out of sync with the wisdom and logic of the living system and the mystery of its Source / God.

How much worse could it get?

We don't know, but if we take the worst aspects of the corruption, greed, deceit, exploitation, weaponization, warfare, injustice, and totalitarian control that are manifesting, back them with superpowers of AI that are at least 10x more dangerous than nuclear weapons, and drive them towards their logical end... it could be something like hell on earth and death for billions of people.

How much better could it get?

We don't know, but if we take the very best aspects of the creativity, brilliance, love, mutual assistance, goodness, cooperation, community, and care that are manifesting, bck them with superpowers of AI, and drive them towards their logical end... it could be something like heaven on earth and flourishing and abundant life for all.

The Pattern of our Being and Doing

Why it is urgent

As new forces and superpowers of technology in-break, they will rapidly accelerate us towards the end of logic / trajectory we choose.

What is at stake

What is wrong the way of human being and doing on earth.