Above The Chaos, An Invitation

By Jordan Nicholas Sukut, 2023.03.14 (updated 2023.03.14)

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Dear fellow Citizens,

The Crossroads

We stand at a crossroads.

There are moments in history when an old order fractures, and the world we thought we knew spirals towards chaos. We find ourselves in such a moment, as evidence of our descent into turmoil continues to grow. During these times, the future of life and society hangs in the balance. It is crucial for those who can to remain alert, wise, and steadfast in the face of adversity.

While it is true that our current situation could worsen, we have the benefit of deep foundations and hard-fought progress that can be rediscovered. The crises we face present not only an existential threat, but also a historic opportunity for us to reimagine, redesign, and rebuild a positive future that surpasses the past in every way.

To succeed in this endeavor and avoid failure, we must unite around a positive vision of the future, analyze our current situation accurately, identify the resources needed for progress, and systematically implement the shared vision at all levels—from the individual and local to the most comprehensive collective.

The Inadequacy of Existing Institutions and Ideologies

We are all beginning to recognize that the solutions offered to us in the past are insufficient. Society has suffered from subordinating itself to either centralized structures of governance or self-serving structures of private power and capital. Had we heeded wisdom, we would have understood the impossibility of simultaneously serving both our highest ideals and capital, and the folly of submitting ourselves to overly-centralized governments. Neither capitalism, communism, republicanism, democratism nor any other ideology or ism of the left or right provides an adequate answer. It is time for a New Vision and Plan.

A Higher Path

The alternative to the outdated models of the old world is for responsible citizens to voluntarily rise above their differences, forging a higher order functional unity out of our many diverse parts. This unity must simultaneously protect and preserve individual and local sovereignty, autonomy, and responsibility while also offering the benefits and abundance that can only be achieved through collaboration and community.

To date, there has been a lack of a space and structure where wisdom, common sense, and citizen-led thought, speech, and action can thrive.


In anticipation of this need and crisis point, we have spent the last several years building an ark called Lionsberg—an independent system and structure designed to facilitate a decentralized citizen-led response to the current Meta Crisis.

A Citizen Led Response

Over the coming years, our mission is to engage as many citizens as possible in a decentralized, transparent, accountable, and citizen-led effort to envision, analyze, design, and build a future that is flourishing, positive, and beneficial for all.

This effort is designed to transcend the corrupted and failing structures of politics and ideologies that have divided and confined us in the past.

It will center around asking the right questions, sharing our stories, our successes, and our failures, and distilling the very best ideas, solutions, and approaches into a shared vision of the brighter future we all seek. We must also go beyond vision, continually improving the shared resources, infrastructure, and services necessary to enable individuals and communities to journey together toward flourishing and abundant life.

The Wise Center

On both the far right and far left, destructive visions and ideologies are emerging and gaining momentum. Wise, compassionate, and centered people around the world recognize the potential nightmares these visions could create. Political forces are exploiting these visions, weaponizing false promises and fears to sow division and discord among citizens.

Through conversations with people from diverse backgrounds and perspectives in dozens of countries, I have gained deep confidence and faith that ordinary citizens possess the common sense, wisdom, experience, and intuition to reject these nightmarish visions. Instead, we can agree on the positive future we all desire for our children and grandchildren, as well as the boundaries, rules, and values that must guide and protect our progress towards that goal.

Early Progress and Path

Over the past year, we have met with small groups of 5 to 20 people from countries around the world dozens of times to discuss and explore the dimensions and viability of such a vision and plan of action. Simultaneously, we have advanced the critical path systems and infrastructure necessary to enable and enact it.

Based on this, we have arrived at the following logic and next steps:

  1. We will strive to speak, create, inspire, and awaken as many people as possible, as quickly as possible. To spearhead this effort, I will run for US President as an Independent in 2024, seeking a strong and united international mandate to empower the implementation of the New Vision and Plan at all local, national, and international levels the US influences.
  2. We will invite input and dialogue from as many citizens as possible, primarily through the mechanisms of story, questions, and autonomous citizen groups.
  3. The problems, issues, solutions, and opportunities brought to light through the stories of engaged citizens will be consolidated, analyzed, integrated, and prioritized in terms of importance. Results will be shared with all citizens for feedback and correction as a shared vision, analysis, and plan emerges over the coming months.
  4. Resources generated will be used to expand citizen engagement and continuously improve the total set of solutions and infrastructure available to connect, help and empower all citizens.
  5. New citizen-led joint ventures will be established to address needs, solve problems, and capture opportunities where gaps exist. These joint ventures will be able to draw upon and organize both public and private resources, locally, nationally, and internationally, to forge solutions to the prioritized problems, needs, and opportunities facing humanity. Joint ventures can be created at a rate that matches the availability of teams and resources to execute.

The Tipping Point Strategy

The critical path unfolds along a tipping point strategy that consists of awakening and inspiring citizens, inviting them to form self-governing citizen groups, creating shared visions and plans, and working together to address the needs, solve the problems, and capture the opportunities at hand in each locality around the world.

If the movement expands rapidly enough, by the end of 2024 we will reach a milestone where a reunited America has placed itself back on the path of wisdom and service, and America and its allies around the world are ready to rapidly transform towards the New Vision and Plan.


If you would like to participate in the co-creation and implementation of the New Vision and Plan, we will do everything we can to serve, support, and make that possible.

We believe in you, we believe in God, and we believe that in partnership with God and one another, we can co-create a future that is brighter in every way, for everyone, than the past we are leaving behind.

Welcome aboard. An epic quest awaits us.

Call to Action

Please take 3 minutes now to complete two brief actions:

  1. Fill out the link below to indicate your interest and be included in subsequent communications and next steps.
  2. Forward this invitation to those you believe would resonate and want to be included in the early stages of this process.

This Vision and Plan is admittedly audacious, and will require multiple miracles. However when the conditions demand it and God wills it, miracles happen. Your voice, your ideas, and your energy are vital to this movement. The more people we have working together, the stronger our collective vision will be, and the greater our chances of success.

It would be a great honor if you would walk with us through these next steps.

With Love, In Community,

~ J

Jordan Nicholas Sukut

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