Above The Chaos, A Note To The First 50

By Jordan Nicholas Sukut, 2023.03.15 (updated 2023.03.15)

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Dear Friends and Fellow Visionaries,

As we stand at the brink of the next stages of an extraordinary journey, I want to express my deepest gratitude for your support and dedication over the past 12 months. Our shared Vision and Goal, the North Star that guides us, remains unchanged, and our commitment to this Quest is more steadfast than ever.

The vision is bold.
The path is transformative.
The goal is transcendent.
The plan is wise.
It still might work. The next steps are challenging, but we'll overcome them.

At the outset of this year, we set a 120 day plan to secure resources for the next stage. With ~45 days remaining, I am acutely aware that we cannot bring our audacious vision to life without additional resources, participation, and support. As such, I am embarking on an exhilarating mission the next 45 days to secure the necessary support that will propel our collective efforts to new heights.

While I focus on gathering the resources needed for our next steps, I am going to hold off on convening additional meetings except as strictly necessary to advance the critical path. Your expertise, connections, and passion are invaluable during this critical phase, and I invite you to contribute in the following ways:

  1. Speaking, panel, or podcasting appearances - Please share any opportunities to speak or participate in podcasts or panels that will allow us to spread our message and inspire a wider audience.
  2. Resources + All Forms of Capital - Please connect us with potential supporters who share our vision of a brighter future, and have access to resources (financial or otherwise).
  3. Targeted Meetings With High Net Worth Individuals or Foundations - Please help us engage with visionary high net worth individuals or foundations who share our passion and might want to support our next steps.
  4. Amplification - Please advocate for the New Vision and Plan by commenting, supporting, or amplifying our cause through emails or social media posts, spreading our message with enthusiasm and conviction.
  5. Community Building and Networking - Actively engage in building and nurturing a diverse community of passionate individuals, thought leaders, and organizations aligned with our shared Vision. Leverage your personal and professional networks to create meaningful connections and collaborations that will enhance and accelerate our collective impact.

Your ongoing support and dedication are the lifeblood of our shared vision. Together, we can ignite a movement that transcends the chaos, paving the way for a world that cherishes the well-being of all and celebrates our collective potential.

Thank you for your commitment and belief in our mission. With your help, we will secure the resources necessary to catapult our movement forward and make a lasting, transformative impact on the world.

I have recently published a couple books - please feel free to explore and forward:

With heartfelt gratitude and unwavering determination,

~ J

Jordan Nicholas Sukut

To see the public announcement and invitation, please see Above The Chaos, An Invitation

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