1.3. What is at Stake if we Fail?

The consequences of failing to arise and unite to address the Meta Crisis and proactively forge The Future we seek are dire and far-reaching. If we continue on our current trajectory, we risk catastrophic environmental collapse, social unrest, economic turmoil, unprecedented global warfare, and the erosion of our democratic institutions. This type of collapse could lead to suffering and a lack of basic resources and provisions for the vast majority of families on Earth.

On a planetary level, we face the prospect of mass extinctions, ecosystem collapse, and catastrophic environmental changes. These changes threaten to cause widespread famine and water shortages, leading to further social unrest, migration and conflict. The inability of nations to work together in a coordinated and collaborative manner exacerbates these challenges, leading to a "race to the bottom" in terms of environmental protection and social justice.

At the societal level, the Meta Crisis threatens the fabric of our communities and our shared sense of purpose, Values and identity. Economic inequality, political polarization, the loss of our spiritual foundations, and the erosion of trust in institutions of governance and media lead to social fragmentation and a breakdown of social cohesion. This can lead to political extremism, tribalism, nationalism, and ultimately, conflict with new weapons that possess unprecedented power to destroy.

The Meta Crisis also poses a threat to our democratic institutions and the rule of law. The corruption of our political systems, the capture of our regulatory agencies by special interests, and the normalization of propaganda and disinformation threaten the very foundations of our democracy and our ability to discern Wisdom and Truth. If left unchecked, these trends could lead to a collapse of our democratic institutions and our ability to Navigate together towards The Future, the concentration of power in the hands of a corrupt few who possess technologies of unprecedented potency, the rapid establishment of total surveillance and control, and the erosion of our fundamental human rights and freedoms.

In short, the stakes could not be higher. The Meta Crisis demands our full and immediate attention and action, for the sake of ourselves, future generations, and the planet we call home. It requires us to come together in a spirit of unity, wisdom, love, and compassion, and to work together to co-create a New Vision and Plan for a just, regenerative, and flourishing world.