1.2 The Urgency of Addressing the Meta Crisis

The Meta Crisis is not a distant threat, but rather an urgent and immediate challenge that demands our attention and action. The consequences of inaction are severe and far-reaching, affecting not only ourselves but also Future Generations and the entire planet.

At the current rate of environmental and cultural degradation, loss of shared Vision and Values, economic exploitation, and weaponization of advanced technology, we are fast approaching irreversible damage that could trigger an unprecedented collapse of interexistent systems of governance, economy, society, and spirituality, ultimately leading to unprecedented suffering on Earth. The social and economic consequences of inequality, division, and polarization are already dire, leading to a breakdown of trust, stability, and social cohesion.

Furthermore, the erosion of democratic institutions, the collapse of financial systems, the rise of authoritarianism, and the normalization of political corruption and overreach undermine the very foundations of freedom and human dignity, threatening the hard-won progress of past generations towards a more just and regenerative society.

The urgency of addressing the Meta Crisis requires bold and decisive action that transcends partisan politics, national boundaries, and narrow self-interest. It requires a collective effort that brings together diverse stakeholders and voices to co-create a New Vision and Plan for The Future that reflects our shared humanity, Wisdom and Values.

As individuals, we must recognize our power and responsibility to contribute to the solution. There is no "them" coming to save us from the systems of corruption we are tolerating and perpetuating. We must all take action in our own lives and communities, through our civic engagement, our work, our prayers, our collective action, and by holding our leaders and institutions accountable. We must be willing to challenge the status quo, to embrace discomfort, and to be open to new ideas and perspectives.

The Meta Crisis is a call to action, a call to awaken to our highest potential as human beings and to work together to co-create a world that reflects our deepest Values and our highest aspirations. It is a call to rise above our differences, to embrace our interconnectedness, and to commit to building a more just, regenerative, and flourishing world for all, now, in this generation.