Above The Chaos, Sovereignty At Every Level

By Jordan Nicholas Sukut, 2024.01.23 (updated 2024.01.23)

A post in Above The Chaos

The core issue at the heart of so many others revolves around the exercise of Sovereignty and Authority on Earth.

There are two competing Visions of the Future:

One in which Sovereignty in vested in the abstraction of human (and spiritual) power structures...

And another in which Sovereignty is vested in individual beings, and Ultimately in God.

Over the coming years, it is likely that this Spiritual War will increasingly spill over into the physical realm.

The New Vision and Plan is one centered around the realignment of Sovereignty, Power, and Authority "On Earth As it Is In Heaven", or in other words, United Under God.

Under this Ethos, individual beings, created in the image of God, enjoy Sovereignty at every level, as One Citizenship Under God.

Every Individual and Locality would enjoy freedom and autonomy in every aspect of their existence, subject to Central Animating Spirit that makes diverse unity possible.

In contrast, the existing trajectory is for power and authority on Earth to be increasingly concentrated among the Plurality of The Giants, inevitably leading to chaos, authoritarianism, conflict, war, and Collapse.

The Ultimate choice is whether to place a Unity at The Top of the Order, or a Plurality. Monotheism, or Polytheism.

What is the One thing that unites the All?

And how does the All properly orient and order its self in Right Relationship to the One?

These are the defining questions that will determine the fate of humanity for generations to come.

The Way away from Hell and towards Heaven On Earth lies through rediscovering our Identity, reclaiming our Sovereignty, as voluntary reestablishing Right Relationship with One and All in a New Covenant as One Citizenship Under God.

And being ready to forthrightly confront and overcome The Giants that guard the Land Of Promise, who would readily enslave and destroy Us for their own Power and Profit.

As we learned from the The Exodus, those who shrink back in fear will not enter the land.

Sovereignty is a matter of Spirit, not State.

The Spirit of God is present in All Creation.