1.5 The New Vision and Plan as an unprecedented solution

The New Vision and Plan for addressing the Meta Crisis is based on the principles of truth, love, justice, stewardship, and wisdom, and addresses all four pillars of justice on earth: economic justice, social justice, environmental justice, and governance justice. It is a holistic and integrated approach that addresses the economic, social, environmental, spiritual, and governance dimensions of the Meta Crisis in a coordinated and mutually reinforcing manner.

At its core, the New Vision and Plan is built on the principle that every person is created in image of the Divine and has the right to live a life of dignity, free from poverty and oppression, and with access to the resources and opportunities they need to reach their full potential. This means addressing the root causes of poverty, injustice, corruption, and oppression, and creating an socioeconomic system that works for everyone, and not just the privileged few.

To achieve this, the New Vision and Plan calls for a radical transformation of the global economy, towards one that prioritizes the eternal regeneration of people and the planet over profit. This includes the implementation of a Commitment Based Universal Basic Income, a new system of tithing and taxation, and a radical reform of the financial system to make it more decentralized, just, and regenerative in nature.

The New Vision and Plan also calls for a radical transformation and decentralizing of the global political system, towards one that prioritizes the freedom and needs of citizens and their planet over the interests and entrenchment of powerful elites. This includes the implementation of a more participatory, inclusive, and empowering system of governance, an end to corruption and political polarization, and the creation of a more wise transparent, and accountable governance structure.

In terms of environmental justice, the New Vision and Plan calls for a rapid, responsible, and wise phased transition to a clean energy economy and a commitment to protecting, preserving, and regenerating the planet's damaged biodiversity and ecosystems. This includes a rapid transformation of government policies, subsidies, and incentives, the protection of forests, wetlands and other important ecosystems, and the implementation of sustainable land, water, and air use systems and practices rooted in wise stewardship on behalf of all past, present, and future generations of life.

The New Vision and Plan calls for a renewed universal commitment to social justice and mutual responsibility, starting with prioritizing and protecting the rights of the marginalized, the oppressed, the vulnerable, the disadvantaged, and the weak. This includes the promotion of loving, just, and good social and cultural norms, the protection of the inherent dignity, rights, and responsibilities of all tribes and peoples, and the promotion of peace, harmony and nonviolence.

Spiritually, the New Vision and Plan calls forth a revival of our highest overarching and uniting shared goals, values, and aspirations. It raises back up the Absolute Standard and Ideal, and invites all tribes, nations, and peoples to once again strive together towards That Which Unites All People of Goodwill. It recognizes that all life and consciousness on earth are interexistent, flowing from and returning to our one Living System and its Source.

Relationally, the New Vision and Plan invites us all to transcend the lower systems, structures, and ideologies that divide us and needlessly pit us against one another, and calls us to arise together into a higher order functional unity that is actually capable of meeting the needs, solving the problems, and accomplishing the goals inherent in this unique and pivotal moment in history.

The New Vision and Plan is a comprehensive and ambitious plan that will require the cooperation and commitment of governments, businesses, civil society, and individuals around the world. And if we rise up, come together, hover over the waters of chaos, and speak together the Truthful words that will bring forth the future that is most Good, it is entirely possible for us to see this Vision realized within our lifetimes.

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