1.6 What Got Us Here Will Not Get Us To Where We All Want To Go

As we have seen, the Meta Crisis is a complex and interconnected challenge that has been caused by a range of factors, including historical, structural, and systemic causes, as well as the actions and behaviors of individuals, communities, corporations, empires and oligarchies around the world. It is a result of a complex interplay of factors that have led us to where we are today.

It is becoming clear to us all that we are on the wrong track, and that what got us here will not get us to where all people of goodwill long to go. We are all recognizing that the solutions and approaches that have brought us to this point will not be sufficient to address the Meta Crisis and co-create the better future we all desire. We cannot continue to rely on the same old ways of thinking and doing things if we truly want to create a world that is loving, just, and regenerative of life, liberty, and prosperity for all. If we continue to do the same things in the same ways, we will continue to get the same results.

The New Vision and Plan represents a radical departure from the status quo, and calls for a comprehensive, inclusive, and forward-looking approach that addresses the root causes of the Meta Crisis, and forges out of its ashes a regenerative new socioeconomic system that works for everyone and the entire Living System. It calls for a radical transformation of the state and operations of the global economy, governance, society, spirituality and environment, towards a more decentralized, just, and regenerative future.

We must be willing to think and act differently, to challenge the status quo, and to embrace new ideas and approaches if we are to rise to the challenge of the Meta Crisis and co-create the best possible future for all. We must come together as one humanity, united in purpose and committed to our highest shared goals and values.

In short, both the unprecedented threat of the Meta Crisis and the unprecedented opportunity to work together to forge a New World demand a new vision, a new system, a new plan, and a new way of thinking and acting if we are to overcome the crisis and co-create a flourishing New World that is truly good, just, and loving for All. What got us here will not get us to where we all want to go.

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