1.4 The Meta Crisis as an unprecedented challenge

The Meta Crisis is an unprecedented challenge that requires a new level of cooperation and coordination among nations, communities, and individuals. Because these issues of air, water, soil, society, and economy are inherently and by definition global in nature, every citizen of earth and every being on earth is a stakeholder in the outcome. This unprecedented crisis requires a new vision and plan that is comprehensive, inclusive, and forward-looking. It requires a willingness to think and act differently, to challenge the status quo, and to embrace new ideas and approaches. The Meta Crisis demands that we come together as one humanity, united in purpose and committed to creating a better future for all. It is a call to action for every person on the planet to do their part in addressing the root causes of the Meta Crisis and building a world that is loving, just, and eternally regenerative of life, liberty, and prosperity for All. It is an unprecedented opportunity for us to demonstrate our greatest potential and to leave a lasting legacy for past, present, and future generations of life.

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