1.2 Examples of the Meta Crisis

The Meta Crisis is already manifesting itself in a variety of ways, including environmental degradation, economic inequality, social injustice, wars, disease, wide-spread displacement and hunger, and unrest.

Environmental degradation is one one of the most pressing examples of the Meta Crisis, as it is causing shifts in weather, changes to the patterns of natural disasters, and widespread suffering and disease as a result of the toxic pollution all beings are ingesting daily in their air, their water, their soil, and their food. New patterns of weather, disaster, and disease are having a major impact on the environment and human communities.

Economic inequality is another major aspect of the Meta Crisis, leading to frustration, poverty, social unrest, and political divisions and contributing to the erosion of trust in institutions and leaders.

Political disease is also a major component of the Meta Crisis, as it is resulting in polarization and conflict that is hindering progress and cooperation at local, state, national and global levels.

Addiction, anxiety, and depression are gripping the young and the old like a plague, leading to suffering from substance abuse, suicide, and violence.

Religious corruption, abuse, and disintegration have led to crises of faith that have shattered our uniting ideals, leaving many hopeless, purposeless, and without a highest guiding North Star.

Global supply chains are shaking, leading to shortages of supplies and rising prices in many parts of the world.

Monetary systems are in disarray after decades of profligate central and global banking actions, leading to massive inflation that especially impacts the poor and the elderly.

Open war has broken out in Europe, shattering the post World War II peace. Gangs and mercenary groups around the world are oppressing local populations and corrupting local government and peace keeping forces, compromising the safety and security of local communities.

Pension funds and retiree heath benefits are woefully underfunded, comprising the future for both the old and the young.

After 2,000 years without a jubilee, multi-generational debt and equity overhangs cause the rich to live in absolute control and luxury, while the poor, vulnerable, and homeless suffer outside their gates.

Corrupt deals between self-interested government officials and self-interested corporations have sold out the future of our states and nations to the highest and most vicious bidders, who in turn have gained an iron grip over the puppet politicians they have corrupted and now control.

Beneath our seas, the cases and shells surrounding the toxic weapons and wastes we have dumped there are corroding after decades of wear, beginning to release toxic chemicals into our oceans, rivers, and lakes.

Microplastics and forever chemicals now pollute our formerly-pure rainwater in even the most remote and pristine areas of the earth at levels many times what municipalities allow in their public drinking water systems.

This means that every sip of water we drink, every plant and animal we eat, every breath of air we breath to sustain us is now toxic and hastening our demise, robbing the citizens of the earth of precious days and years of life they otherwise would have enjoyed.

We know from both experiential reality and the archetypical stories that grip us that the Four Horsemen of the apocalypse always ride together when they emerge to wreak havoc upon the earth. Hunger and violence beget migration, migration begets conflict and disease, hunger, disease and migration beget strife, strife begets war, war begets conquest and totalitarian control, and these bring forth death accompanied by hades.

These are just a few examples of the ways in which the Meta Crisis is beginning to manifest itself, and they illustrate the complex and interconnected nature of the total nested hierarchy of challenges that humanity is facing.

It is clear that the Meta Crisis is a multifaceted and interconnected challenge that requires a comprehensive, cohesive, and coordinated response. But if we come together as a global community, we can overcome this crisis and co-create a better future for all.

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